Thursday, July 31, 2008

mind your bagel when you potty

New word: bagel

This is a note of caution to those in charge of a little one. Mind your bagel when you potty. I left a paper grocery bag near the front door. It was filled with jars of baby food. When I left the baby to potty myself, I thought she would be happily occupied pulling the jars out until I got back. A safe activity, I thought. Not so.

I heard rustling of a plastic bag, one of those items that falls into the "worst baby toy" category. My sleep deprived, memory strained brain did not remember the bagel I'd bought for myself to go with some smoked salmon for a very delicious special mommy moment later in that morning.

Dear daughter didn't need the cream cheese or salmon to enjoy the fresh whole grain bagel. So delighted was she that she repeated bagel?, bagel., bagel!, to the world. And ate half, which is a lot for such a little thing.

It was a vocabulary building moment.

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