Sunday, November 2, 2008

one, two, three

Ahh we've come such a long way since July. There's been the use of verbs and phrases. Now she's even settling into her own comfortable use policies. For example, she doesn't like to use the word yes in response to a yes or no question. She says sure, ok, or yeah. Sure is used when she really wants something. Ok is followed with a paraphrase of the original question, and yeah is used when something's merely agreeable to her.

She's beginning to count. Babies can recognize quantity at very early age. I've been counting to five and then back down to one on my hand for her since she was a few days old. Now as we've been playing with blocks she's been saying one, two, three as we put the blocks back in their tub.

I pointed out two dogs to her and she counted with me, one, two dogs. Dogs always elicit enthusiasm.

new phrases:
trick or treat
happy halloween

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