Saturday, July 12, 2008

semantics with Daddy

Dear daughter has been experimenting with the article "a". She's said "a ball" and "a baby". Only used with those two words so far. "A baby" is used for pictures of babies, but I've only just realized this so I'll have to watch closely with her use of the phrase "a ball" to see if there's a similar pattern.

Baby's first semantics argument happened over dinner Thursday night. She pointed to her daddy's plate and pointed and inquired, "apple"? I let my husband know that she was probably pointing to the peas on his plate. (Dear daughter and I read a board book with pictures of green apples earlier.)

Dear husband started feeding her peas. She repeated the word pea once, maybe twice, then said, "no, a ball". For the rest of the dinner she insisted on calling the a pea, "a ball". DH tried introducing the word sphere, but I don't think we're there yet. After dinner we played ball and everyone was happy.

New words:
okay (actually otay, in response to telling her I would pick her up and we would go get Daddy)
doggie (replaces the word dog, unfortunately)

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