Wednesday, July 9, 2008

making it known

Yesterday we had two clear words used together: Ergo and outside. The Ergo is a soft baby carrier that I use to carry dear daughter in front or on my back. I wanted the Ergo for a while, but waited because it's more pricey, $100, than the wraps I was using. Being a stay at home mom, I am frugal, frugal. Dear daughter was subject to several Ergo discussions with other moms. It'sn not surprising that she picked up the word, but I didn't realize it would be easy for her to pronounce.

Although it was 95 degrees outside, I had to indulge my dd when she picked up the Ergo and said, "Ergo outside". Positive reinforcement, naturally.

new words:
Ergo - surprisingly clear
outside - (sounds like ah-sah)
banana - actually na-na-na, but she gets a pass for counting syllables and using accents. Banana was one of the first words, but it's been just 'nana for months.
towel - (sounds like owell)

new in the past couple of weeks (I just forget):
owl - plays with big sister's stuffed spotted owl while I shower in the morning, Daddy discovered that she loved his deep voice and his owl sounds at 3 months or so
potty - not clear
book - not clear
cell phone - (sounds like cehfoh) this let's me know she's spotted it and I need to move it
diaper -(sounds like dipah)

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