Monday, July 7, 2008

copy cat

Here I thought I'd be sharing new words dear daughter has figured out. Well, she's got a surprise for us: phrases. Her first phrase came months ago. By combining the words "touch" and "that", she found that I would take her to the object of her desire. This was mostly trees, since of course, they're not nearly as unpredictable as dogs.

Now she's beginning to mimic us. The phrase for this holiday weekend was "I don't know". Yes, we're a family that readily admits our ignorance. I'm pleased that she's not too proud to admit she doesn't know. She doesn't seem to know what it means, but she can recognize that she gets smiles from the grown ups and gets everyone in the room throwing up their hands saying, "I don't know".

New phrases:
I don't know. (Sounds like Ah no no)
Daddy's beer

New words:
keys (did I list that?)
avocado (sounds like avocaca, we'll give her a pass since she's graduated from simply saying "ahh")

working on:

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